We create jewelry inspired by ancient masterpieces of art and sculpture that  have survived for generations.  We are fascinated by these eternal works of art and the feelings of longing, strength and perseverance that they invoke in people of all ages.

 Our modern jewelry collections are inspired by these incredible masterpieces and are also thoughtfully inscribed with powerful and enlightening words of wisdom and affirmation that are meaningful to you in your own way. 

These life-enriching words are a constant reminder you that you are smart, courageous, creative, supported, loved, abundant, and more. Whatever quality you're searching for or feel that you can improve, you alone have the ability to manifest it in your life.

We create jewelry that is a symbol of your inner strength and self-knowledge. We want you to create the life you were meant to live. It's already inside of you.

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 Via Patina means: the 'road to wisdom and authenticity'. It stands as an emblem of your own journey to self- knowledge and discovery. Choosing to wear jewelry that is meaningful to you and reminds you to live authentically is a  beautiful way to  remind yourself that you are valuable. 

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